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In Phoenix Optionz,
we grow your investments unbelievably and expertly

Just as a Phoenix rises from its ashes, we will breathe new life into your investments.

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Why trade with us

At Phoenix Optionz, we are focused on service delivery which is why our operations are client focused. Enjoy secure transactions and simple transactions.

Easy Dashboard

Our core focus is the client and for this reason, trading dashboards are designed to be simple and summarative. Perform various tasks quickly and without hassle.


Here we make trading so simple you do not even need to have knowledge about market and how they are performing. Trading processes are automated and easy to understand.

Make Money

The ultimate goal of trading is to make profit. Every trader's goal is to have a made profit at market closure. We work deligently all seasons making sure you get dividend.


We have built a system that works on any platform and is very portable. All you have to do is log on, make a deposit, relax and earn profit.

Market Insight

Our taders are well groomed and armed with the right skill set to make you succeed. Constantly, market data are being pulled in and analysed for the sole purpose of profit making.

Business Analytics

We are not like every other company out there promising unrealistic returns. We do our homework and carryout research before putting in finance into any sector or business.


With no annual fees, and some of the most competitive prices in the industry, we help your money go further


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Deposit Max: £5,499

15% Return On Investment

6 Months Cycle

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Deposit Max: £20,499

35% Return On Investment

6 Months Cycle

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Deposit Max: £999,999

85% Return On Investment

6 Months Cycle

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Deposit Max:

120% Return On Investment

6 Months Cycle

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We offer the best services in finance.

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